Driving on the ceiling of a tunnel

ハイアワトンネルの天井の上側を車で走ることができます。 とても不思議な世界が拡がっています。 Bさんに教えてもらいました。
We can drive on the ceiling of Haiawa tunnel by car. The very strange world spreads out there. B taught me this miracle.

Haiawa tunnel 1   2   HowToGoThere

イビサ島の北部の町、Na Xamena の近くのトンネルも天井の上を走ること ができます。こちらは簡単に入れます。
We can also drive on the ceiling of the tunnel near the town, "Na Xamena", in the northern part of Ibiza. We can go there easily.

Tunnel near Na Xamena Ibiza 1   2   HowToGoThere

Driving under a high way

Meさんに高速道路の下(高架路面のすぐ下側)を車で走れるところを 教えてもらいました。 まるでモノレールに乗ってるような感じになります。 ハワイ高速3号のハイアワトンネルの東側出口のあたりから 入ることができます。
Me showed us the body of raised highway, the inside of which we can drive by car. It seemed that we were taking a monorail. We can enter to it from the east exit of Haiawa tunnel at Highway 3 in Hawaii.

Highway-3 1   2   HowToGoThere  

Anさんに高架高速道路の路面下を走れるところを教えてもらいました。 ただし路面下に入れるのはバイクだけみたいです。 バイクで入れる高架高速道路はかなりたくさんあるみたいです。
An taught us raised highways where we could enter into its body. It is only by bike that we can enter into the body of the highways. There are many raised highways where we can enter by bike.

Adm. Clarey Brg 1   HowToGoThere  

Highway-3 west 1  

Highway-1 north of Honolulu Int'L Airport 1 New!   2 New!  

Highway-1 west 1 New!   2 New!  

Highway-2 north 1 New!  

Highway-1,2 junction 1 New!  

Going up to the sky

空を飛べるところはバグがふさがれて無くなったみたいなのですが、 空に舞い上がっていけるところが残っているみたいです。 ただ、範囲が限られていて少しはずれると落ちていってしまいます。
Since Eden fixed the bug, we have become unable to fly in the sky by car. But we can still make our car soar to the sky. The range where we can do it is restricted. If we shift from the range, our car begins to descend.

Island at Cala de Portinatx Ibiza 1

Passing through walls

There are places where we can pass through walls by car.

Casino entrance in Ibiza 1   2  

Casino entrance in Hawaii 1   2  

Fort Shafter Hawaii 1  

The east of Eivissa in Ibiza 1  

The west of Eivissa in Ibiza 1  

Photo Studio in Eivissa Ibiza 1   2  

Zenith loft in Ibiza 1   2  

Honolulu Int'L Airport 1  

Going to strange places

いろんな不思議な場所へ行ってみました。   We went to various strange places.

Under the casino entrance in Hawaii 1   2  

UFO house 1  

UFO trees 1

A clubhouse in a black hall 1  

Driving car on the sea

B taught me the location where we can drive car on the sea.

Mamala Bay 1   HowToGoThere

Hanauma Bay 1   HowToGoThere

Kahana Bay Beach Park 1   HowToGoThere  

The sea located on land

C taught me the sea which is located on land.

Punalau and HowToGoThere

Falling to the inside of rocks

車が岩の中に落ちちゃった My car fell off the rock.

rocks in Waialae Country Club

rocks at Woodlawn in Hawaii